Like many people all over the world… I’m stuck working at home during the global pandemic. I’m so glad I have a solid analog system that works for my situation. I’ve had to adapt my bullet journal and planning system to accommodate a whole different kind of workflow.

I am the sole in-house graphic designer serving many different departments and have found myself at the center of the response to serve the visual needs of the communications team. So it’s essential that I stay on top of the dozens of requests, tasks, and projects coming at me every day. Plus meetings! So many meetings!

I use a combination of digital and analog tools… let’s chat about them.


  1. Digital Calendar – Outlook + Google
  2. Bullet Journal
  3. Meeting notes
  4. Digital planning – just a Microsoft Word doc, nothing fancy
  5. Whiteboard – 4′ x 8′ wall-size

Take a look at the video where I walk through my journal and meeting notes padfolio. I get a little long-winded but you’re used to that from me, right?