Violets Blue is one of my favorite little shops in Bay City, Michigan. An eclectic mix of vintage treasures, hand selected home decor items that inspire you to create a cozy home surround by all your favorite things. It’s not strictly a stationery store, but there’s a unique selection of journals, papers, embellishments, and desk organizing solutions to satisfy any hardcore stationery nerd.

When I walked in the door on this random Wednesday morning I was greeted with a delicious display of vintage-looking wrapping papers (yummy enough to frame and hang on the wall) and an array of journals, notepads and these adorable mini suitcases that would make a great travel solution for all my bullet journaling and planning supplies. I’ve also been on a hunt for a vintage typewriter, so this display caught my eye when I saw the avocado green one on the table.

The first aisle you come to is a wall of antique wooden display cabinets, it’s a buffet of journaling embellishments, sticky notes, pencil sets, and even Scrabble alphabet tiles sold individually. The cabinets are filled with a mix of handmade art by local artists, home decor pieces, candles, stationery goodies, and elegant floor rugs. Somehow it all goes perfectly together like a well-curated art gallery display.

Violets Blue - stationery wall

As I wander through this little store I come across surprising pockets of stationery bits tucked in with household items. A display of dinnerware next to a set of coordinating journals and pencil sets. The children’s gift section has an array of greeting cards and quote cards that would be great as a tip-in for my journal. Stacks of journals and notebooks are mixed in with live succulent plants in vintage terracotta and porcelain pots or glass candle holders. You really need to inch your way around the store and look at everything on every shelf so you don’t miss anything.

I found this clever box of quotes and passages typed on what looks like tea-stained note cards. The passages aren’t your typical motivational quote or self-improvement mantra… no, these are passages and quotes from a wide selection of books and famous (or not so famous) people through the ages. Some were short passages, some very long to fill up the entire card. The black wooden box comes with 365 Gathered Thoughts for $99 or you can pick through the box of notecards and just buy a few. I could have stood there all day just reading and discovering what treasures were inside that box. I bought several individual cards.

I also found some A6 journals that are made by Rifle Paper Company in Florida (check out their website, they have a lot of great planning stickers and stationery supplies!). Since I just moved into the A6 Traveler’s Notebook, I figured I’d need some spare journals soon. It was really difficult to decide which design to choose as there were so many cute options. I suspect I’ll be making a trip back to the store to buy more soon.

Rifle Paper Co A6 floral notebooks

Bay City, Michigan is my hometown and where my parents and family still live. It’s only about 20 minutes from my house and I’m there pretty regularly. But it’s not often that I get the spend a couple hours just browsing through the little shops and picking up bits and bobs along the way.

Violets Blue display of journals

Every time I visit Violets Blue the store is a little bit different. Since they curate antiques to mix in with their retail merchandise, you never know what you’ll find and how they’ve combined the old with the new to surprise and delight their visitors.

If you ever find yourself in Michigan and have time for a shopping trip with a fellow Stationery Nerd, let me know and we can browse this shop together. Violets Blue is located at 115 Fourth Street in Bay City, Michigan (USA). Visit the Violets Blue website or follow them on Instagram.