UNNI Classic Notebook

Bullet Journal Notebook Review

NOTE: This notebook brand has recently changed their name. UNNI is now known as Minimalism Art and they offer hardcover notebooks with more streamlined branding.

Key Features:

  • Key Features: Fun color options, hard or soft cover available
  • Size:  8.25″ X 6″  |  210mm x 148mm
  • Cover: soft | premium smooth PU leather
  • Binding: sewn
  • Pages: 192
  • Page styles available:  dotted | lined | squared | blank
  • Paper Quality:  100gsm (see comments below)
  • Ghosting?  Heavy ghosting
  • Bleeding?  Some bleeding
  • Feathering? No feathering

My Review:

First, let’s talk about the paper. The Amazon listing says it’s 100gsm but there’s no reference on their website or on the notebook packaging that came with my order. However, based on the pen test, I have a hard time believing this is really 100gsm paper. It acts more like a lightweight LT1917 paper that is 80gsm except it’s more porous and allows some bleed-through that you don’t see with the Leuchtturm1917. So right out of the gate, this notebook had me doubting my purchase.

The cover is soft and reminds me a lot of the cover on Daycraft and Pentalic. I like that the inside front and back covers have a dark black paper that seems to tell a complete color story with the turquoise cover, yellow page edges and black endpapers. This is a true A5 size so it fits well with others in the category if you wanted to carry this notebook along as a second notebook in a stack. It feels good in my hand and the soft PU leather has a nice tactile quality about it. I just wish the paper stood up to the pen test for some of the wetter pens and markers I tried. However, if you use a ballpoint pen, colored pencil or even Sharpie Pen fine tip – this notebook would be a great option. Notice that it also comes with hardcover options.

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