Uberworks LUFT and GAYA Notebooks

Bullet Journal Notebook Review

Key Features:

  • Key Features: Two different lines of notebooks by Uberworks with mostly the same features
  • Size: 8.4″ x 5.6″
  • Cover:  Hard
    • LUFT: wine cork cover in 5 color options
    • GAYA: wood-print cover in 4 color options
  • Binding:  sewn
  • Pages: 192
  • Additional features:  GAYA has a pen loop and extra wide elastic band. Both notebooks have a table of contents section in the back and additional perforated notes pages in the back
  • Page styles available:  dotted | lined | plain
  • Paper Quality: 80gsm
  • Ghosting?  Moderate to heavy ghosting
  • Bleeding?  Minimal bleeding
  • Feathering? No ghosting

My Review:

Let me tell you a little story about this notebook. I was on a hunt for a new journal, right? So what would any respectable nerd do? Research, of course! I read reviews, I watched unboxing videos, I examined pen tests and I asked all the bullet journaling gurus which journal they would recommend. It was about that time when EVERYone was raving about how amazing UberWorks was and how great the paper held up to heavy ink coverage. So I caved. I gave into peer pressure and bought the notebook. It arrived and I discovered I’d ordered the wrong paper type so I got online and ordered another. I don’t know how it happened but suddenly I had FOUR of these notebooks. Two LUFT in two different colors and two GAYA in two different paper styles (I accidentally ordered blank journals first and had to reorder lined). Then…

I dove straight in and started making bullet journal collection pages. But when I turned the page I was faced with ghosting – really terrible ghosting. And that’s when it hit me. All those raving reviews were actually paid sponsored reviews and the truth was never truly revealed. UGH! I fell prey to online product marketing.  These notebook purchases are what got this entire journal review thing started. So maybe you can thank all those sponsored reviewers for this…. It’s also the reason why I will only review things here that I buy myself and be completely honest with you. (whoa! I think I just went on a mini-rant there.)

Don’t get me wrong, the Uberworks journals are very good products. With the right pen selection, these are excellent choices for bullet journals. In fact, I use my LUFT lined notebook as my writing journal and it’s a joy to write in. The paper is smooth and lovely cream color with narrowly spaced lines. I do love the way this notebook feels in my hands. There are only 192 pages so it’s thin and feels easy to carry. The construction here is high quality and I’m not mad I bought these notebooks. I’m enjoying the LUFT as my journal a lot.

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