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The Stationery Nerd blog isn’t like other blogs you might know. Staying true to the nerd-code of obsessive, research-based, passionate enthusiasm… these blog articles have some meat. They’re long, they’re packed with data, links, comparisons, and lots of photos. I’m here to educate you and help you be the best stationery addict you can possibly be. Join the Nerd Herd of stationery enthusiasts. We have fun with paper, pens and washi tape.



Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ballpoint Pen Review

I. Love. This. Pen. No really... we're talking true love here! You know that moment when you open the package of a new set of pens and you just KNOW. You know before you even put ink on paper. You know by the mere feel of it in your hand. You know that these pens are...

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BLUE markers, pens, highlighters

I had this brilliant idea that I would gather up whatever blue pens, markers, and highlighters I could find on my desk (which accounts for only a small portion of my entire stationery collection) and take a few cute shots for my Instagram feed.  Ummm... I discovered I...

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DIY: How to Make Midori Travelers Notebook Inserts

When you have a Midori Traveler's Notebook, you need inserts to write and draw in. Lots and lots of inserts! And if you're a stationery nerd, you just want to make your own and see what you can create. So that's what I've done! Let me teach you how to make your own...

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Pastel Highlighter Swatch and Review

Pastel colored highlighters - 11 brands, 62 pens, 1 clear winner.  This is going to be the prettiest and most colorful fight to the death you've ever witnessed on the Internet. There's a video that goes along with this pastel highlighter review write-up. If you're...

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