Markings by C.R. Gibson Bulleting Log Journal

Bullet Journal Notebook Review

Key Features:

  • Key Features: Great page layout for square grid notebook, lots of resource pages, and a free ruler! Only available from Office Depot.
  • Size:  8.5″ x 6″
  • Cover:   hardcover  |  leatherette
  • Binding: sewn
  • Pages: 240
  • Additional features:  annual calendars, time zone map, measurement conversion chart, plastic ruler
  • Page styles available:  square grid with date bar along top of each page
  • Paper Quality:  ~70gsm (maybe 60gsm – I couldn’t find this data)
  • Ghosting?  Yes, heavy ghosting
  • Bleeding?  Yes, heavy bleeding
  • Feathering? Yes, some feathering

My Review:

I admit it, this was an impulse buy that I probably shouldn’t have purchased. But when I saw that it was only $9.99 and it had a nice plastic ruler that came with it, I figured I’d throw it into this review for the fun of it. I knew as soon as I felt the paper that the quality wasn’t good and it would fail the pen test miserably (it did). I even tried ballpoint pen and it just shows through completely. I guess if you only use one side of each page it’d work for someone at an office.

The great thing about this notebook that I wish others would adapt (or at least provide as an option) is all the extra information on the inside covers (front and back). Not only do you have a two-year annual calendar on the inside front cover, but you’ve also got a quick reference time zone map for the United States and a measurement conversion chart in the inside back cover. The plastic ruler also works as a bookmark since it sits higher than the page size – but if you prefer, there’s a small pocket on the inside back cover designed to hold the ruler in place.

I’d love this notebook if the paper was a heavier weight and didn’t show through all the pens I’ve used to write in it. Maybe if you’re a pencil-type of journaler it’d be ideal. Buy this journal at Office Depot.