Green Inspired Chipboard Exposed Binding Journal

Bullet Journal Notebook Review

Key Features:

  • Key Features: only available locally at Target. Heavy paper with fun quotes on the cover.
  • Size: 8.25″ x 5″  |  210mm x 130mm
  • Cover: hard with multiple sayings options
  • Binding:  sewn with exposed spine in accent color
  • Pages: ~180
  • Page styles available: lined
  • Paper Quality: ~110gsm
  • Ghosting? No ghosting with most pens and markers
  • Bleeding? No bleeding
  • Feathering? Smooth paper, no feathering

My Review:

This was my first official “bullet journal” (even though I’ve kept task management notebooks for years, we’ll just call this the first since it was during this notebook that I discovered the term). The exposed spine with the accent color is a fun feature. Some might not like that the colored band extends to the inside of the spine so it takes up about ¼” on the edge of each page, but I found it didn’t bother me. The chipboard cover has an embossed quote in the accent color too.

I had a bit of a problem with the cover wanting to split away from the spine but a few dabs of E6000 glue and an hour with a binder clip to hold it in place fixed the problem. Normally if a notebook comes apart like that on me, I’d be inclined to throw it away – but I love this notebook so much that I just patched it up and moved on. I’m sure the problem was because I stuffed my journal with stuff and it just got too fat for its britches.

I have two of these notebooks – one in blue with the saying “Today is the Day” (my main bujo) and the other in lime green with the saying “Life is what you make it.” I use the green one as my learning journal where I keep notes from classes, books, podcasts or seminars I attend.