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Bullet Journal Notebook Review

Inspiro | Stop Wishing Start Doing

Signature | Grey & Turquoise

Key Features:

  • Key Features: high-quality paper, beautiful covers, great binding
  • Size:  8.3″ x 5.8″  | 212mm x 151mm
  • Cover:  soft  |  “fine Italian PU leather”
  • Binding:  sewn
  • Pages:  176
  • Page styles available:  dotted | lined | squared | blank
  • Paper Quality:  100gsm
  • Ghosting?  Minimal to no ghosting
  • Bleeding?  No bleeding
  • Feathering? No feathering

My Review:

I have two of these notebooks, as you can see from the photo. The gray/blue one is in the Signature Collection and the tan/purple one with the saying on the front is in the Inspiro Collection. The notebooks are identical except for the cover design and page edge color, so I’m going to review them together here. Normally when you hear the term PU Leather you think low-quality or a material that doesn’t feel anything like leather at all. But these covers are different than most PU Leather I’ve encountered in the past. It actually feels more like leather veneer (is that even a thing?) — a thin piece of leather backed by the heavy cardstock in the notebook color choice. So basically it just feels like regular leather. It’s a soft cover but feels substantial enough to withstand some heavy use.

In fact, when I was looking at this product listing on Amazon I saw a photo by one reviewer who had 7 or 8 notebooks stacked up in a pile and each was more beat up than the next – beautifully aged with love and use. I wonder if it was that photo alone that convinced me to buy this notebook. The notebooks I have are both lined but you can also choose dotted, squared or blank options too.

The paper is smooth and heavy enough to withstand even the wettest of inks I tried. There’s very little ghosting even with the fountain pen and Bic rollerball pen I used in the test. These notebooks are among my top choices for sure.

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