I had this brilliant idea that I would gather up whatever blue pens, markers, and highlighters I could find on my desk (which accounts for only a small portion of my entire stationery collection) and take a few cute shots for my Instagram feed.  Ummm… I discovered I had a few more blue pens than I realized I did. Any normal person would be embarrassed about these pictures. Some might recommend that I see professional therapy for my stationery hoarding problem. But in reality, I suppose this is probably a normal amount of pens and markers and highlighters for a stationery nerd to have close at hand.

So while I’ve got them all spread out for a photoshoot, why don’t I tell you what I have.

So many blue pens and markers…

BLUE highlighters, markers, pens


So let’s start with the highlighters. I knew that I had these many highlighters — in fact, I believe there’s a few missing from this shot because they’re in my pen case (which is in my bag in the other room). I literally just grabbed what was on my desk in front of me and didn’t go hunting for more. So this is what you get for now. If you want to see the full scope of highlighters I have, check out the Pastel Highlighter Review article for more details.

Blue Highlighters

I tend to use highlighters to either “cross off” items on my list — I usually use a green highlighter to signify something is finished. At the top of each page of my bullet journal planner, I create a strong bold line of color across the page and then write the date and day on the highlighted area. THis gives the page a bit of color without going overboard. But the great thing about some of these highlighters is that you can also use them for coloring in zentangling or doodling. The fine tips on some of them work perfectly for coloring pages and doodles.

BLUE highlighters swatching


Blue Fineliner Markers

Let’s move on to the blue fineliners and chisel tip markers in the bunch. I love these types of pen for adding a touch of color to my bullet journal or planner. I typically write all my tasks in black ink, so adding a touch of color to the page helps to draw attention to whatever I’ve got in blue. These are also great when you want to doodle or color in some zentangling on your pages.


Blue pens and fineliner

Blue Markers and Brush Tip pens

I don’t use this kind of marker very often, but they were on my desk, so they made the photoshoot. In fact, I didn’t even remember that I owned those brush pens by Rikota in the back there. I keep trying to learn brush calligraphy but I’m a miserable failure at it — maybe you could suggest an easy tutorial or book I could try?? The Crayola Super Tip markers were something I picked up at Walmart during this year’s back-to-school sales (my favorite holiday!).

BLUE markers

Blue Writing pens and Felt Tip pens

This is the category of blue pens where I’m not surprised at all. I used to be a blue-pen type of gal before I switched to strictly black pens (I wonder what color will be next on this spectrum of pen snobbery). I didn’t grab any of the standard ballpoint and gel pens I’ve got lying around here, but there’s plenty of generic pens in addition to what was photo worthy. Interestingly I often use many of the fineliner pens above as standard writing pens, so I’m not sure how I suddenly separated these into two different sections (you never know how the brain of a nerd is going to work when faced with 33 different blue pens!)

Blue writing pens

Which pen color is next?

I’m sure you have a favorite pen color. What is it? Do you want to see what else I have on my desk to play with? Hit me up in the comments and let me know what you’d like to see next. Blue is fine any all… but what about yellow?

Blue markers, pens, highlighters