What happens when you innocently ask the Stationery Nerd Herd Facebook Group which video topic you should do…. and they overwhelmingly vote to see my entire fountain pen collection. Seriously?! I didn’t even realize how many pens I owned!!

I put ALL my fountain pens on my video table and turned on the camera. No prep, no hedging, no holding back… you get the raw (and often frustrating) process of going through every single one of my fountain pens. I do my best to track down a link for every pen I show, but many are no longer available for sale…. or I don’t remember where I bought them and can’t remember the name of the pen (or if it even had a name).

Watch me sort my entire fountain pen collection

Here’s the video you’ve been waiting for. I know, I know, I know… it’s nearly an hour long! I know you’re thankful that I also cut out about a half hour of rambling and nonsense. But I also didn’t skip any pens. You get to see them all!

Below the video I’ve listed as many pens as I could find links for. Happy shopping!


Amazon Store

Stationery Nerd Amazon Store

I was recently accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program – which means I now have the ability to curate all my Amazon recommendations into a single storefront for you. WooHoo!

Now everything is in one place and I can keep links updated and fresh for you when it’s time to shop. If there’s something I’ve missed or you want me to add, just let me know.

DISCLAIMER: I’ll earn a small commission on anything you purchase (at no additional cost to you). Thank you so much for your support!

Fountain Pen Links

This list is in the order they appear in the video. I’ve time-stamped the links below to make it easier to match links with the video. Below this chart, you’ll see a section where I group similar pens together – by brand or by type – to make it easier to track down the one you want to investigate further. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The price you see on this table might not reflect current pricing. This is literally the price I paid for this pen (or set of pens). Links below may contain affiliate links where I receive a small commission when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Time Stamp

Pen Name & Link

Price I Paid

2:20 “Five Below” Colorful Pen Set $5
6:17 Lamy Safari $20
6:40 Platinum Japanese Kawaii $5
6:56 Moonman M2 $22
9:03 Platinum Desk Pen $19
10:00 Generic Desk pens $1.50
10:58 Jinhao 599 8pc / $12
10:20 Wingsung 3007 / Sport pens 4pc / $14
15:58 Brass TN Vintage Sport $22
16:30 Blue or Silver Metal Sport $5
18:55 Triangular Green Unbranded Pen $5
19:17 Lanbitou Twist $5
22:24 (found later) Triangular transparent unbranded pen $5
20:57 HYL Eyedropper Pen  $1
21:40 Moonman M2 $22
21:42 Moonman S5  $25
21:44 Moonman Blue Lake Celluloid $24
21:47 Moonman M1 Brass  $33
23:20 Platinum Preppy 7pc / $25
24:04 Zebra Fountain Pens 7pc/$18
24:10 Pilot Varsity 6pc/ $13
25:45 Cork w/ Gold Flecks– no longer available  $20
26:00 Tao Wood Business Pen $5
27:35 Bamboo Calligraphy pens $2
27:53 Jinhao Wooden Fountain Pen $12
28:52 Kaco Edge $15
30:50 Monteverde Monza $16
30:53 TWSBI Eco  $32
31:11 Lanbitou 3059 (not a Jinhao as shown in video) $3.50
32:28 Platinum Cool – Crystal Clear Barrel $39
33:39 Wing Sung 825 – Aerometric Filler $5
34:34 Hua Hong 288 – Old Stock 1990’s Pen $7.50
35:16 988 Old Stock – Reversible Nib $8
35:46 Hero 8016 – discontinued $1.50
35:59 Wing Sung 9112 4pc/$15
36:10 Classic BAOER 388 $2
36:25 Jinhao 126 $4.50
36:54 Hero 958 $20
37:01 Amazon Basics Pen $11
37:15 Jinhao 9009 Agate Red  $8
37:32 Hero Doctor $12
37:44 Baoer 519 Chrome/Black $5.50
37:55 Jinhao 250 Golden $8
38:15  Oaso black $4
38:50 Jinhao x750 $10
39:27 Jinhao 450  (I later fixed it with Gorilla Glue) $8
40:05 Jinhao 599 >$1
40:14 Yiren 405 $2
41:00 Pilot Metropolitan  $12
41:20 Hero 3019 $1.50
42:22 Wing Sung 322 $3.50
42:44 Hero 9626 (Blue china pattern) $3
43:55 Parker Jotter $14
44:29 Jinhao 51A 5pc/ $14
45:02 Noodler’s Flex Nib $22
45:47 Wing Sung 3008 4pc/ $17
46:01 Wing Sung 3013 (also known as Paili 013) 3pc/ $20
48:30 Tramol transparent eyedropper $2
48:53 PenBBS 322  $5
49:33 Wing Sung 3003 5pens / $14
50:18 “Wing’s Super Quality” (I can’t find a link)
51:00 Wing Sung 3010 $2
51:18 Wing Sung 3008 4pc / $15
51:56 Rollerball Refillable $2
52:30 Fountain Pen version of above rollerball pen (no longer available)
52:43 Yiren 401 $1.50
54:12 Old Stock Wing Sung 095 (black and rose gold) $5
54:28 Jinhao Morandi Gray  $2.50
54:43 Unbranded Eyedropper w/ Bobby wet M nib $9


sorting fountain pens
BEFORE: Here’s what the pile looked like before I started sorting.
sorting fountain pens
DURING: Midway through I decided to just dump them all out on the table to sort.
sorting fountain pens
AFTER: Once they were all sorted and categorized, they look nice and neat!

pens by Brand / Category

Here’s a slightly more organized version of the big list above. These are organized by pen brand or general category. Not sure if this is helpful, but I thought I’d provide the lists below, just in case it helps. 

Moonman pens

Hero pens

Jinhao pens

Wooden pens

Wing Sung pens

Refillable Rollerball pens

Bobby’s Stores

Bobby is a nib master based in China who sells unique fountain pens – unbranded OEM pens; new old stock; and name-brand pens with custom “Bobby Nib” added. I love his “wet medium” nibs for Moonman pens.

You can find him in some fountain pen forums across the internet answering questions when he has time to participate. He’s a bit busy, I’d say. He has four different online stores where you can find his wares. 

Wrapping it up

Whew! That was a massive undertaking! If the Nerd Herd hadn’t voted that I do this video, I probably would have kept putting it off for weeks – Ha! who am I kidding, I would have put it off for months or forever. So thank you for giving me the nudge I needed to sort through all these pens and take inventory of what I have. 

But I’m adding a picture here of my wooden fountain pens because of all the ones I sorted, these are the prettiest! Don’t you agree?

It was a herculean effort to NOT buy more pens while I was looking up all those links. But you’ll be proud to know that I haven’t purchased any new pens in the past 24 hours. 



What’s next? Let me know in the comments below what you’d like me to sort next!

wooden fountain pens