Alibabette Editions Paris La Vie Est Belle Journal

Bullet Journal Notebook Review

Key Features:

  • Key Features:
  • Size:  8.25 x 5.9
  • Cover: soft  |  8+ decorative cover design options
  • Binding: sewn | paperback binding
  • Pages: 100
  • Page styles available: lined
  • Paper Quality: 100gsm
  • Ghosting?  No ghosting except a small amount with the wettest ink (but I’d count this as “none”)
  • Bleeding?  No bleeding
  • Feathering? No feathering

My Review:

What a fun little notebook with nice heavy paper and a beautiful decorative cover design. This would make an idea carry-along or companion notebook to your main bullet journal. It’s nice to have such a compact notebook that is made with high quality stitched binding with individual signatures of the book bound in a paperback binding. Speaks to the quality of the brand, for sure.

The paper is smooth and the lines are light and narrow set. I love that along the top and bottom line on each page there are tiny notches so you can easily draw a series of vertical lines without having to count dots or measure equal squares – it’s done for you already. If I could change one thing about this notebook it’d be that little shooting star icon at the top of every page – I just wish it wasn’t there. But I suppose I could cover it up with washi tape or a sticker…. Or maybe I would stop noticing it after I used it for a while? Check out the other cover designs, there are eight of them. I’m sorta loving that Eiffel Tower Art Deco cover they have in this line too.

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