Stationery Nerd believes in transparency and honesty on the web, therefore, we are publishing this extended affiliate disclaimer statement as it relates to the products or services we mention or recommend on this website.

Honest Recommendations

Please be assured that whenever we recommend a product, service, or program on Stationery Nerd, we do so because we fully support and believe that the product, service or program is worthy of our recommendation. We will never recommend something to you that we don’t personally use, have experience with, or have investigated to ensure it will deliver value to you.

Affiliate Advertising

Some links on this website may contain affiliate advertising. This means that if you purchase products using certain links, we will receive compensation on that purchase. There is never an additional cost to you for that purchase. These small commission payments enable us to purchase additional stationery products, art supplies, and materials that we will review and provide unbiased reviews for you.

Examples of affiliate programs that Stationery Nerd participates in include: Amazon Services, LLC, NameCheap Domain Registrar, and Aliexpress/Alibaba Partnership.

Sponsored Content

Ordinarily, all product reviews that appear on Stationery Nerd are not provided to us for free. Products are purchased at full price from reputable retailers and the unbiased opinions provided are not influenced by individual product brands.

In the event that a product has been provided for free or at a discount, or that reviews are sponsored by a specific brand, Stationery Nerd will prominently disclose this relationship. However, when working with brands for product reviews, opinions provided are still unbiased and honest reviews are provided, regardless of the financial relationship between Stationery Nerd and the sponsoring brand. Brands enter sponsored relationships with Stationery Nerd at their own risk because we’re honest around here and will tell you if we don’t recommend a product and why.

Our Goal

My goal with the blog is to share my love of stationery supplies, journaling, planning, and art projects and to help educate you on the about the products and methods I use. Although this is a fun topic and I greatly enjoy being a part of the community, please understand that I am doing this as a for-profit business.


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