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You love stationery as much as I do. The world revolves around our love of bullet journals, planners, art journals, travelers notebooks, pens, markers, washi tape and all manner of stationery goodies. 

This site is brand spanking new and I’m building it little by little so you don’t miss one single juicy morsel of stationery awesomeness while I’m adding new things. Please excuse the construction dust, but go ahead poke around and see what’s here so far. Do you have a special request? Hit me up and let me know.

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Book Reading Tracker in my Bullet Journal

The book reading tracker in my bullet journal notebook started out as a digital organizing project. This year I want to read more books. But I don’t want to buy a bunch of new books to read. Instead, I want to read books I already own. UhOh! I really didn't have a...

Stationery Store Tour: Violets Blue

Violets Blue is one of my favorite little shops in Bay City, Michigan. An eclectic mix of vintage treasures, hand selected home decor items that inspire you to create a cozy home surround by all your favorite things. It’s not strictly a stationery store,...

The Great Craft Room Organizing Project

My craft room has become a storage room. It's time to reclaim my creative space and beat back the hoarding monsters who have taken over the room in the past two years. I'm armed for battle and I shall prevail! At the end of this week, I WILL have a...

Finished Bullet Journal + New Bullet Journal Flip Through

While the rest of the world (or so it seemed) was happily setting up their new bullet journals to begin on January 1st, I was still going strong in my current journal. I knew I wanted to finish it out and start a new journal whenever I ran out of pages. So I held...

Keeping multiple journals at once

I need multiple journals in my life. And when I say multiple, I mean 13. I didn’t actually know I had 13 journals going all at once until I started making this list and then all of a sudden it added up to 13. Technically it’s 14, but I’m transitioning out of one and...

When Life is too Busy for Bullet Journaling

Have you ever been too busy to use your bullet journal? But you know you still need your journal so you try to make it work even when you simply don’t have the time to figure out what that even means. Yep. Me too. Let me tell you about my January and February. As much...

My 365 Photo-a-Day Project

Remember when I did that review of the Lemome 2018 Planner notebooks?  Remember when I casually mentioned that it'd be cool to make a mini scrapbook by printing a photo each day and adding it to the daily box? Yeah... that random idea has kept coming back into my...

Bullet Journaling Stencil Roundup

Stencils are a great way to get that artistic look in your bullet journal even if you don’t have an artistic gene in your body. Or maybe you actually are artistic but you just want an easy way to draw boxes, banners and tracker icons without the time it takes to draw...

How to Start Bullet Journaling: the unconventional method

So you want to start bullet journaling. Awesome! I’m so happy you’ve started and you’re on your way…. Wait? What? You haven’t started yet? What are you waiting for? We’ve all heard the saying that the best time to start a new diet is with the next meal. So...

Lemome 2018 Planner

Lemome Planner Journal Review, Flip Through and Pen Test We bullet journalists are picky about our paper, notebook construction, and product reliability. And over the past several months, the Lemome line of notebooks has wiggled their way into our hearts. The paper...

Bullet Journal Gift Wish List

Does your family know how to Christmas shop for a stationery nerd? If not, you could be at risk for some seriously LAME Christmas gifts. Help your family out! Share this post chocked full of nerdy goodies so they'll know just what to get to keep your,...

Mega A5 Bullet Journal Notebook Review

Mega Review of 30 different A5 Bullet Journal Notebooks. In my quest to find the perfect A5 Bullet Journal dotted notebook I purchased more than 30 journals. Read my comprehensive review, pen test, and spec sheet.

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There are so many planners, journals, notebooks and systems that it’s hard to know which is which. Let me give you an introduction to some of the most popular systems and how I’ve used them.
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