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You love stationery as much as I do. The world revolves around our love of bullet journals, planners, art journals, travelers notebooks, pens, markers, washi tape and all manner of stationery goodies. This site is packed with all the things we love about stationery and you don’t miss one single juicy morsel of nerdy awesomeness while I’m adding new things. 

I am passionate about helping you live a better life with concrete techniques in journaling, planning, and playing with stationery…. and buying the right supplies (at the best prices) for those pursuits. 

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Mega A5 Bullet Journal Notebook Review

In my quest to find the perfect A5 bullet Journal notebook I ended up buying 30-ish different notebooks. Yes, 30. So grab a pot of coffee (you’ll need more than a cup) and a snack and let’s dig into this review, pen test and nerdy commentary about the notebooks we all know and love.

I am not a bullet journal purist

I’m not a bullet journal purist. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be called a bullet journalist. But I’m a rebel and I decide to call myself a bullet journaler anyway. Whenever I’m around other bullet journal enthusiasts, I feel like I need to justify why I’m…

Bullet Journaling Stencil Roundup

Stencils are a great way to get that artistic look in your bullet journal even if you don’t have an artistic gene in your body. Or maybe you actually are artistic but you just want an easy way to draw boxes, banners, and tracker icons without the time it takes to draw…

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Eclectic Scribbles 160gsm Mandala Notebook Review

Eclectic Scribbles 160gsm Mandala Notebook Review As I was searching for every notebook I could find that had 160gsm paper, someone mentioned the Eclectic Scribbles journal they were using. So of course, I went on a hunt to figure out what the heck an "Eclectic...

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Eclectic Scribbles notebook

The Ultimate Comparison of 160gsm Bullet Journal Notebooks

The 160gsm Journal Comparison - Introduction The journaling community has lost its ever-loving mind over notebooks with 160gsm paper! First, it was 100gsm paper, then it was 120gsm paper… and now everyone is going nuts over 160gsm paper. There are only a couple of...

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160gsm notebook comparison

Buke Notebooks 160gsm Journal Review

Buke 160gsm Notebook Review  | Introduction Do you need to spend $35 on a notebook with 160gsm paper? Or can you find one that costs less than $12? I’m here to tell you some very good news and tell you all about the Buke Notebooks journal with 160gsm paper … and...

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Buke Notebook

Tekukor 160gsm Dotted Notebook Review

Tekukor 160gsm Dotted Notebook Review You all know how much I love Tekukor, right? I’ve been using the 100gsm A5 dotted journals for the past couple years and my current everyday carry is the smaller A6 Tekukor with 100gsm paper. And now they have a brand new...

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Tekukor 160gsm Notebook Review

QiHeng 160gsm Journal Review

QiHeng 160gsm notebook review  | Introduction When I set out on a quest to find every bullet journal notebook with 160gsm dotted paper, I was fascinated with this one when I found it. QiHeng Stationery also goes by the name SEQES on Amazon - at least that’s what’s...

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QiHeng 160gsm notebook

Scrivwell Dotted Journal Review

When you first pick up a Scrivwell notebook it seems pretty unassuming. Nothing outstanding or spectacular about the dotted pages or construction of the journal. I mean… it’s good and all. The paper is smooth and a pleasure to write on. The dots are a...

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scrivwell_notebook 1